This page is an Anti-Delusion Mechanism project.
We started to explore telluric signals in the ultrasonic range in the beginning of 2014. The project is a real time installation which amplifies and transposes these rather mysterious and unexplored signals. Along with the presentation of the installation we collect recordings on various devices to compare and further approach the nature of these signals. We intend to follow the project up the coming years. Read more.

fft spiral plots

earth elecrode


August 6+7 2016
We brought the Telluric Signal installations to the micro festival MUHU by the Turnovská chata in the northern Czech republic. This location was interesting for the project: there were no high voltage lines in the neighborhood and also very little 50hz in the ground. The Installations were running during the day on the 6th, and in the early evening we did a performance to accompany the earth signals. DFF on a selfmade string instrument and effects, Vilbjørg: vocals, dance and mask dance.


Photos from MUHU by Pavla Ortová

There is no sound document from the performance, the following fragments are telluric recordings from the same location recorded the following day (audio format: .ogg, Not supported by certain browsers)

Realtime transposed signal (4 octaves down)

Telluric signal fragment without transposition

For this exhibition we had created a new transposition algorithm. Working in long windows a 10-20 seconds and without overlap. A smooth transition between the windows is made by finding suitable zero crossings. Cubic interpolation between the sampled points.


September 9 2015
Westerpark Amsterdam

Telluric Recording slowed down by 8 (3 octaves down)


April 26 2015
Close to the ducth-belgian border. Trying to find nature but the landscape seems wired .

Telluric Recording slowed down by 8 (3 octaves down)

No-input Recording slowed down by 8 (3 octaves down)

Earth and Beyond73
Earth and Beyond62

April 26 2015
Close to the ducth-belgian border

Telluric Recording slowed down by 8 (3 octaves down)

Earth and Beyond56

April 25 2015
Brussels Convergence festival - organized by OKNO
Installation and performance in the park area TourAndTaxis

Telluric Recording slowed down by 8 (3 octaves down)

installation in Brussels

April 21 2015
Recordings from our home base at ADM West-harbor Amsterdam - in the midst of the industry. We have been very concerned with whether the signals from the ground really were existent or not, and for that reason we mostly make some 'no input' recordings of our system to compare.

Telluric Recording slowed down by 16 (4 octaves down)

No input recording slowed down by 16 (4 octaves down)

Earth and Beyond5

April 16 2015
Twiske, 15km north of Amsterdam

Telluric Recording slowed down by 2 (1 octave down)



First presentation of this project was in Czech republic by the Posedy event organized by Yo-Yo

Photos: Stan Coenders



Signals from the earth:
This project is inspired by Gerry Vassilatos' experiment from the early 1990ties as he describes it on the webpage Recording Telluric Signals ( I + II) The signals enter the preamp through a sort of electrode consisting of copper wire and various crystals and stones which is placed around 15 cm down in the earth. The signal is amplified sufficiently with a gain of approximately 18dB (not a lot) before going to the small computer for a transposition of 5 or 6 octaves. We are at the moment working with a sample-rate of 192kHz. This project is in the first place meant to be more of an art-project than scientific research. (since we are artists) But certainly many interesting experiences follow working with these signals. Different locations have different signals, a different day also sounds different at the same spot. One can hear the sound transforming over the hours, as well as sudden changes and shorter periods with specific sounds. Certainly 50Hz and its first harmonics are very present many places, and that is most likely from our grid. The 50Hz becomes beats after the downwards transposition. But there are still many other frequency events to find in the ground anywhere. And what derives from human activity and what from other activities? This is still to be contemplated and sought for the coming years.

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